Request cancellation after submission: If a customer has already paid for a Gemstone, Rudraksh, Yantra, or Puja request and wants to cancel the Order, the customer may do so within 48 hours after the payment. No discount solicitation will be made beyond 48 hours.

Outside of India, store products are supplied within 15 days of the date of the information’s accommodation of intricacies. The interaction of customs in your nation determines conveyance times. Please get in touch with our Customer Support if it’s not too much bother if you have any questions.

Due to administrative restrictions, we do not acknowledge returns of actual objects when a request is sent. We take considerable care to make sure that clients are informed about the control interaction and are provided with pictures of the things. Every effort is taken to guarantee that you receive the item in line with your expectations and the item portrayal, and we stagger the evaluation of the things prior to delivery. Please get in touch with our Customer Support if there are any discrepancies.If an inconsistency occurs, please contact our Customer Support before the item is shipped.