15 Mukhi Rudraksh Mercury




The 15 mukhi rudraksha is blessed by the lord Pashupatinath. He is the unique form of Lord Shiva. The rudraksha refers or works on the basic instinct of human beings compassion towards animals their nature and all creatures. Pashupatinath is the lord of all creatures and ensures to bring love, peace and belongingness in both the species. It helps the wearer to spiritually evolve and make peace with conflicts in mind.

The bead has qualities similar to 14 mukhi rudraksha which holds divine power of devamani that helps to attain wealth with good fortune.The 15 mukhi rudraksha destroys any kind of evil lurking around you and shields you from unpredictable mishaps. This mystical bead releases one from any kind of bondage mentally or emotionally that is draining. It also has lots of powers in healing people from incurable deceases. 

15 Mukhi Rudraksh Mercury


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